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MENU - Gusto Restaurant in Tel Aviv

MENU - Gusto Restaurant in Tel Aviv



19 ₪
Aglio e Olio Mushrooms
38 ₪
Sautéed mushroom mix with olive oil, garlic, chili and herbs.
Beef Carpaccio
58 ₪
With olive oil' reduced balsamic vinegar' rocket and parmesan' served with focaccina
36 ₪
Crisp- coated risotto and cheese mix balls, served on top of Yossi’s sauce.
36 ₪
With ricotta and spinach filling, baked with tomato sauce, basil and parmesan.
46 ₪
Eggplants with goat cheese and herb filling, served with tomato sauce.
Beet and Feta
45 ₪
Baby leaves and toasted nuts with reduced balsamic vinaigrette.
49 ₪
Tomato and mozzarella fan with sun- dried tomatoes, tassos olive, micro basil, olive oil and reduced balsamic vinegar.
52 ₪
3 Roman gnocchi with white wine, butter, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, parsley and parmesan.
Artichoke and Mozzarella
54 ₪
With cherry tomatoes, tassos olives, red onion, pine nuts, olive oil, lemon and sumac
Gusto Salad
58 ₪
Lettuce, rocket, apples, red onion and sugared pecan nuts with mustard honey vinaigrette and panko-coated goat cheese medallions.
44/58 ₪
Roman lettuce, croutons and parmesan with/ without seared chicken breast and Caesar dressing.
Garden Salad
42 ₪
Arabic lettuce, carrot, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and lemon (additional feta cheese- 5NIS)
Minestrone Soup
38 ₪
(in winter)

Main Dishes

Pomodoro Linguine
52 ₪
With fresh tomato, garlic, parsley and basil sauce.
Cacio a Pepe
52 ₪
Linguine with butter, pepper and pecorino cheese sauce.
Pesto Linguine
52 ₪
Linguine with cream, pesto and basil sauce.
Aglio e Olio Linguine
52 ₪
Olive oil, garlic, chili and parsley.
Penne Arrabbiata
58 ₪

Spicy- chili, fresh tomato sauce, spinach and ricotta fresca.
Mushroom Pappardelle
58 ₪
Champignon mushrooms, wild mushroom mash, white wine, garlic, cream and parsley
Contadino Linguine
54/62 ₪
Pan- seared chicken slices, with mushrooms, sun- dried tomatoes, herbs, chili, olive oil and reduced balsamic vinegar.
Bolognese Linguine
58 ₪
Linguine with root vegetables and ground meat with tomato sauce and red wine
Goose and Pea Penne
66 ₪
Goose, butter, peas, white wine cream and egg yolk.
Penne Carbonara
66 ₪
Italian bacon, cream, white wine, black pepper, parmesan and egg yolk.
Bolognese Lasagne
72 ₪
Cheese mix, bechamel sauce and spinach with rose sauce.
Ricotta and Pecan Ravioli
69 ₪
With cream sauce, dried tomato mash, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and parmesan
Jerusalem Artichoke Ravioli
69 ₪
White wine sauce with lemon butter, peas, cherry tomatoes, almonds and zucchini carving.
Chicken Scaloppini
72 ₪
Chicken breast with butter sauce, garlic confit, sun- dried tomatoes and parsley, served with crispy potato cubes.


Classic Pizza and Calzone Toppings
Small pizza- 5NIS large pizza 8NIS
Red onion, champignon mushrooms/ tomato cubes/ red pepper/ sweet potato/ kalamata olives/ tassos olives/ feta cheese/ hot pepper/ garlic confit/ eggplants/ zucchini

Small pizza- 9NIS large pizza 14NIS
Pancetta/ smoked goose/ asparagus/ Bavarian blue/ pepperoni/ anchovy ham

Egg yolk 5NIS
46/68 ₪
Tomato sauce and cheese mix.
46/68 ₪
White pizza without tomato sauce.
62/82 ₪
Eggplants, sweet potatoes, zucchini and red pepper
Caramelized Onion
66/86 ₪
Tomato cubes, caramelized onion and Bavarian blue cheese.
62/82 ₪
Eggplants, kalamata olives, tassos olives and feta cheese.
Pea Anchovy
66/86 ₪
Anchovy, red onion, peas, parmesan, oregano and mint.
62/82 ₪
Champignon and portobello mushrooms, garlic confit and feta cheese.
66/86 ₪
Red onion, red pepper and pepperoni.
Mushroom Pancetta
66/86 ₪
Champignon mushrooms, pancetta and feta cheese.
Jumbon Qui
69/89 ₪
Ham, asparagus, tassos olives, egg yolk and parmesan.
Sweet Potato Goose
66/86 ₪
Goose, sweet potato and asparagus
58 ₪
With cheese mix and tomato sauce filling, served with small salad.
24cm/32cm diameter


44 ₪
mascarpone cream with amaretto ana biscotti dipped in espresso
Panna cotta
36 ₪
vanilla and cream, served with amarena cherriies and almond flakes
Cream mascarpone cake
44 ₪
with white chocolate ganache and berries coulis
Apple crumble
44 ₪
apples with crunchy butter crumbs, served with vanilla ice cream garnished with taffy sauce
Milkito & pistachio
39 ₪
dark chocolate mousse topped with caramelised pistachio